Secrets of the Prague Subway System

Secrets of the Prague Subway System

2023 Schedule:

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SUMMER SEASON (1. Apr – 1. Oct)
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WINTER SEASON* (1. Oct – 1. Apr)
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  • how was the subway built in 1970’s
  • construction of new subway line D
  • devastating floods of the year 2002
  • spots of famous movies being filmed
  • ghost exit which was never built
  • all the interchange stations
  • deep hidden passage tunnels
  • one of the 3 subway trains depots
  • still present communist propaganda
  • Pragues biggest most famous bridge
  • station of Emperor Charles IV.


This tour takes you to some of the interesting stations of the Prague Subway System to hear about interesting facts from its history, to discover hidden spots and reveal some its well kept secrets.
Visit some interesting station and places inside the Prague Subway. See interesting historical pictures from the construction of ther Prague Subway System. Hear how the Prague subway was built as the biggest nuclear shelter for citizens in Prague during the Cold War. Learn what all lies in Prague below the ground.


2,25 hours +


Adult: 500 Czk

Student: 450 Czk

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