Oldtown, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour

Oldtown, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour

DAILY in English*
at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm
(*Exc. December 24,25 & 31st evening + Jan 1st morning)


The city of Prague may be famous for its beautiful architecture but there are not only the treasures which are visible on first sight on the streets. Beneath the town is an other city. The one from before. Visit the Oldtown area and the old city undeground from the 12th and 13th century and even older, tour through the hidden rooms, corridors, cellars up to 2 floors beneath the ground and listen to the 1000 years of history of the town. Many times rebuilt, forgotten and again discovered, theese historical undergrounds give an insight into the past, unknown facts , secrets and relations and give a picture of the life in medieval times.You will see the historical expositions, the secret alchemyst laboratory and down in the Dungeon fear about medieval torture and executions…


  • Romanesque and gothic underground from the 12 & 13th century
  • Interesting facts from the town history, the floods of 2002 & 2013
  • Historical expositions of weapons, death & life in medieval times
  • Story of oldtown executions and the secret alchemyst laboratory
  • The Dungeon with the medieval torture and execution instruments


1 hour +


Adult: 450 Czk

Student: 400 Czk

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