The Clam-Gallas Palace


The Clam-Gallas Palace is a Baroque palace in Prague Old Town which was built in 1714–18 by the italian architect Domenico Canevale. During the rest of the 18th century Jewish balls and concerts were held in the palace, and were attended by noteworthy artists including Mozart and  Beethoven.

The Clam–Gallas Palace was built for the Viceroy of Naples, Count John Wenceslaus of Gallas. When the Gallas family died out in 1757, the palace devolved on Kristian Filip of Clam, the son of the Gallas’s sister. That’s the way the Clam – Gallas family was established. The Clam – Gallas family lost the palace in 1945 due to so-called Benes decrees, dealing with the German families status in Czechoslovakia after the World War II. The Clam – Gallas family declared its German nationality.

The Prague City Archive was placed in the Clam – Gallas Palace later and at the present time there are exhibitions and concerts held in the palace halls.

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