1541 – The Great fire of the Lesser Quarter


The Lesser Quarter and the Castle were struck by a large fire. It started in Malostranské square and spread to houses situated to the left and to the St. Thomas monastery which burnt down almost completely. From there it kept spreading very quickly all the way to the Písecká gate. Then suddenly a fire flared up in Strahovská street (Nerudova street today) right next to Strahovská gate and spread towards Malostranské square so that the whole street and the western side of the square burnt down.

Demages incurred by the fire at the Prague Castle were big. All Saints Chapel had completely burnt down and the St. Vitus Church had not been spared either.

Besides Prague Castle, 133 burnt houses were counted in the Lesser Quarter before the Strahovská gate and 22 beyond then 42 houses in Hradčany – 197 houses in total.

After this fire the town was rebuilt in the Renaissance style and many palaces of nobility were built there.

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